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Your introducer is Zwanini Khumalo.                     


Kipi is a community, aimed at helping you achieve 

your dreams by a confidential exchange with other 

participants. Kipi started on 12 May 1995, so it has 

been changing people's lives for more than 18-years 

now. But here in South Africa we started in March 

2013. Community members from over 80 countries 

around the world are fulfilling their dreams through 


In order to begin and fulfill your dreams; you must 

register on the official community site-


If you have come by my invitation, please include  my

Invite Code (862429401)

when registering. That would mean I will be your 

personal Kipi-guide (sponsor).

As your Kipi-guide I will help you with the Kipi site to 

show you how to achieve your dreams as soon as 

possible, while guiding and teaching you about 

structure of the Kipi community. And whenever you 

not clear about something, you will be free to ask me

After registering, you become a member of the 

community and you will be able to create your first 

dream. Know its full value and the part that you are 

dream. Know its full value and the part that you are 

willing to allocate to execute that vision. You will  then be given a member of the community, to whom you can transfer your funds.


No monthly payments,
No need to recruit (optional),
No selling of any products,
No buying of any products,

No manager or owner in handling of funds,
No company or firm to deposit your money to,
No company or firm to receive withdrawal from,
No LAW against Kipi community practices

The community itself handles its funds in a tried and tested method
Minimum to participate is just R100 and you could make R2 000 after 12 months.
Maximum to partake is R100 000 and you could make R2 000 000 after 12 months.

Earn big bonuses over and above the interest you earn.
Earn money while at home, 7 days a week& 365 days a year.